Description of Age and Parity on Breast Carcinoma Patients at Al Ihsan Regional Hospital Bandung

Fajar Bangun Rahmat, Yusuf Heriady, Mia Yasmina Andarini


Breast carcinoma is the most common carcinoma found in women. Breast cancer is a malignant proliferation of epithelial cells lining the breast duct or lobule, which undergoes genetic mutations influenced by exposure to inherited hormones and genes. This study aims to find out the description of age and parity in patients with breast carcinoma at Al Ihsan Regional Hospital Bandung. The respondents in this study are 99 people who met the inclusion criteria by purposive sampling. The data were collected from interview by using questioner given to breast carcinoma patients at Al Ihsan Regional Hospital over the period of 1-31 June, 2017. From the results of this study, it can be concluded that the highest number of women with breast cancer is in the age range of 46-55 years totaling 41 people (41.4%) while the lowest is in the age range of 26-35 and more than 65 years totaling 4 people (4%). The highest frequency distribution based on parity is multipara totaling 78 people (78.8%), while the lowest parity is nullipara totaling 4 people (4%). The conclusions of this study is that women in the age range of 46-55 years and multiparous have a higher risk for breast carcinoma.


Age, Breast Carcinoma, Parity.


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