Analisis Efisiensi Screen yang Dipengaruhi Stroke dan Diameter Wire pada Vibrating Screen untuk Mencapai Produksi yang Optimal pada Penambangan Batu Andesit di PT Mandiri Sejahtera Kp. Cikakak Desa Sukamulya Kec. Tegalwaru Kab. Purwakarta Provinisi Jawa Barat

Galih Rinaldi, Linda Pulungan, Dono Guntoro


This research entitled “Screen Efficiency Analysis Effected By Stroke And Wire Diameter On Vibrating Screen To Achieve Optimal Production In Andesite Mining†PT Mandiri Sejahtera Sentra has mining production license and permission in Kecamatan Tegalwaru Kabupaten Purwakarta West Java Province. PT Mandiri Sejahtera Sentra  has an area of 41.19 hectares, with reserves of 60.4 million LCM andesite. The production of split and ash on desember obtained 400 ton per hour, the target production is 550 ton per hour, not achieving the production target has become one of the background of this research was conducted primarily related to the processing of minerals that is sizing . The purpose of this research is to determine the factors that become the obstacles in the productivity of the vibrating screen , determine the differences in the production of variable stroke on the vibrating screen used by PT Mandiri Sejahtera Sentra , knowing the efficiency of the vibrating screen that effected by stroke variable at PT Mandiri Sejahtera Sentra. The boundaries of the problem are limited on analyzing a vibrating screen types TRIO (TIO8243) , gives some strokes variables , namely 10 mm , 11 mm and 12 mm , the process of screening using the second screen unit which consists of three decks . On the first screen size : the first 30 mm deck , a second deck 12 mm and 6.5 mm on the third deck . On the second screen unit first deck with 30 mm size , 12 mm and the second deck third deck is 6.5 mm.  Parameters that give significant impacts on the productivity of the vibrating screen include stroke , speed , and bed depth . From these parameters it can be seen that the stroke will have an influence according with the material that get through or retained by the screen . At the speed parameter influence on the large material need slow speed , while the small size materials need fast speed . On the bed depth parameters effect for the equalization material on the body of the screen. From this research, couple of points can be conclude : (1) Stroke that 10 mm size produce 458.06 Tph, 11 mm size produce 584.19 Tph, 12 mm size produce 698.44 Tph. (2) Screen efficiency : G-Force 3.3 obtained 46%, G-Force 3.6 obtained  43%, G-Force 4 obtained 53%


Screen, Deck, Stroke


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