The Islamic Law Review on Early Marriage and Its Impact on Rural Communities in the Karangmulya Village of Kadungora District, Garut Regency

Suci Lestari, N.Hendarsyah N.Hendarsyah


Getting married is to traverse every person in the course of his life. To get married, there are two things to be aware of physical readiness and mental readiness. Physical readiness someone views of economic capability, while the mental preparedness views of the age factor. Problems  would arise if the wedding is done at a young age, are married early are physically and mentally not ready. What if the under-age marriages performed in the village Karangmulya. Early marriage tends to occur in the life of the village community, which has been going on since then and still survived until now. For the people now under age marriages occur not only due to economic factors, but there are factors that carried by the time promiscuity which results in a more trendy extramarital pregnant called MBA (married by Accident). This factor is a lot happening in the village Karangmulya. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent of the community's understanding Karangmulya village in the understanding of underage marriage, besides the authors also wanted to know the factors causing the underage marriage among young people of the village. After observation and interviews, the writer knows very limited public knowledge about underage marriage, it is because they are just graduated from elementary schools and junior high schools, so that the intellectual resources minimal. Factors causing underage marriages in the village Karangmulya are: MBA, education, customs, and economic factors. However, the most dominant factor is the MBA. These factors tend to be caused due to lack of supervision from parents to their children as well as the influence of the rise of mass media is happening today.


Underage marriage, Early Marriage, Marriage According to Islamic Law, Marriage According to Positive Law


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