Descriptive study of health belief on smokers students in faculty of medicines of Bandung Islamic University.

Handini Larasati, Farida Coralia


Smoking is the biggest health problem in the world and it is one of dangerous killers nowadays. The focus of this research is to describe health belief on smoker students in the faculty of medicines in UNISBA. Based on the interview with medical students of UNISBA that they are aware of smoking danger that can harm their health. However, they keep smoking. According to Rosenstock (1966),an individual who does health actin may have belief about their health that why it is called as health belief.The objective of this study is to describe health belief components of smoker students in faculty of medicines in UNISBA. Health belief consist of 6 components; perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefit, perceived barrier, cues to action, and health  motivation. The data collection instrument used is a questionnaire arranged based on health belief model. The results show that most of medical students in UNISBA have negative health belief (90%) that influences their smoking habit. And 10% of them have positive health belief.


Health belief, smoker, medicines faculty.


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