Descriptive study of self acceptance process on mothers of autistic children in Tarapatra foundation Padalarang.

Kintan Maulidia Wulandari Gustiana, Endang Pudjiastuti


Autism is development disability that generally appears in the first 3 years in life includes inertness in communication, social interaction. Autistic children look failed to build interpersonal relationship such as irresponsive to the people and children around them. Self acceptance is an attitude to accept other people as they are integratively without any judgement and consideration. The acceptance behaviour and attitude is quite helpful for disability children development. However, it is not easy for the mothers to accept their children when they are diagnosed as autistic children. The mothers have to get through some processes to have self acceptance. Those processed are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The objective of the study is to describe self acceptance of mothers who have autistic children. This is a qualitative descriptive study with 20 mothers as the sample. A questionnaire is used as the data collection instrument. Acceptance happens on someone who can face reality rather than someone who gives up and hopeless. Before achieving acceptance level an individual must get through some stages; they are denial, anger, bargainning, depression, and acceptance. Self acceptancle is also influenced by age, education and number of children. The results show that there are 8 mothers with 2 children have high self acceptance Hasil penelitian menunjukan bahwa ibu yang memiliki self. 7 mothers have S1 degree and 1 mother has D3 degree. 7 mothers (58%) have high self acceptance in the age of 30-40, and 1 mother (12,5%) in the age of 20-30.


Self acceptance, Autism, mothers acceptance factors.


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