Descriptive study of health belief on hashish consumers in X community Bandung.

Anggara Widyautama, Indri Utami S.


Consuming hashish is consiered as natural thing nowadays for certain group of people. In spite of the fact that there is a great danger of consuming the hashish. Based on the observation, there are many people consuming hashish. Based on the first data from 15 hashish consumers members of the community that they actually know the danger of it. however, they feel the obtain more benefit than loss or negative effect. According to Rosenstock (1966) that the possiblity of someone doing something that endanger their health is because they believe about their health, and it is called health belief that lead the performers to do something that make them healthy. The objective of this study is to obtain empirical data and describe about health belief on hashish consumers in X community. The instrument used is a questionnaire arranged based on Rosenstock’s theory (1975). With the help of SPSS 16.0, the data are processed. The results show that nearly all members of X community have low health belief about 89%, there are cues to action component, perceived susceptibility component. The both components are very related to the belief about some characteristics that encourage individual to live healthy life. The low of X community members’ health belief make them maintaining their behaviour of consuming hashish.


Health belief, X community members, hashish.


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