The Instructional Model of Tahfidz Al-Qur'an in the Pesantren Daarul Qur’an of Bandung

Nurul Haniffah Fajrin, Enoh Nuroni, H.M Layen Junaedi


Reading the Holy Quran is a well form of worship to Allah. By reading the Holy Quran, even only a single letter, someone will get a reward, let alone memorizing it. KH. Yusuf Mansur tries to realize the hopes of parents who want their children to be good at reading and memorizing the Holy Quran. Therefore, he built Pesantren Tahfidz Daarul Qur'an, which the main campus lays in Tangerang and a branch campus in Singapore. He has a vision of building a civil society based on the Tahfidzul Quran for economic, social, cultural, and educational independence that relies on local resources to the Holy Quran maintenance. In order to realize the vision, Pesantren Tahfidz SDQI Bandung wants to make Tahfidzul Quran as a life culture in Indonesia; realize economic, food, education, and self-reliance independence based on Tahfidzul Qur'an; make Indonesia free of illiteracy of the Holy Quran. The method of this study is explorative methods. The data collection techniques employed interview, observation, documentation, and the study of literature. The purpose of this study is to reveal goals and assumptions; procedures/implementation; participation of teachers and students; social and cultural systems; means of support; and the results of learning the Tahfidz Quran in Pesantren Daarul Qur'an Bandung. That will produce a picture of the instructional model of the Tahfidz Quran in Pesantren Daarul Qur'an Bandung. Based on the research results, Pesantren Tahfidz Daarul Qur'an have used a variety of methods, strategies, and techniques of Tahfidz learning in accordance with the abilities of students. In this case, the instructional model is an instructional model of memorization because the instruction loads on the teaching model that consists of teaching procedures, social, and cultural systems, the participation of teachers and students, supporting facilities, as well as the results of the application of the teaching model.


learning model; rote memorization; memorizing Al-Quran


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