Moral Education Values Based on Environmental Sustainability in the Verse 41-42 of Surah Ar-Ruum of the Holy Quran

Ricky Adetria, Dedih Surana, Eko Surbiantoro


God created the universe and everything in it for human survival. Lately, environmental problem has been a growing concern. As a shelter for all living beings, the environment continues to be concerned. This problem of course is caused by the influencing factors and there is a need for research, development, and moral education to overcome the environmental damage. The proliferation of environmental problems and growing prominence of attention of various circles indicate awareness of the importance of preserving the environment so that the inhabitants of this earth can live sustainably. As for the method of this research is the study of moral education to the environment by using descriptive method with content analysis such as data collection, organization, and interpretation and inference. This research method also uses tahlili interpretation approach that includes measures decipher the meaning of the vocabulary or the meaning of a sentence or a paragraph and asbab al-nuzul munasabatul paragraph, relating to the content of the verse, and then describe all aspects of the interpretation and explanation of the verse. The purpose of this study was to determine the opinions of the commentators on the Quran interpretation of Verse 41-42 of Sura Ar-Rum. Knowing the essence of the Verse 41-42 of Sura Ar-Rum, education experts know the opinion about the efforts to preserve the environment life, and measures of moral education in preserving the environment. Once analyzed, it can produce Essence and Values ​​of Education based on Verse 41-42 of Surah Ar-Rum covering (a) an awareness and knowledge about the nature of nature; (b) a need to have the wisdom of utilizing nature; and (c) Human potential of doing damage.


Environmental sustainability, Verse 41-42 of Surah Ar-Ruum


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