pengaruh budaya organisasi terhadap kinerja karyawan studi pada PT. BIOFARMA (Persero)

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Organizational culture is important role in an organization, an organization has  objectives and goal, it will create a good culture that is expected to control each of individual employees' behaviour so that it can achieve organizational goals. Actually, the company should do for creating an organizational culture as possible and its sosialization maximally in order to that organizational culture can be applied and it became orientation for the member of the company in the daily activities, this term is done for improving the employees' performance, that finally it will influence in company productivity. The population in this study for all employees at PT. Bio Farma (Persero) that totallies 264 employees. Researchers that used taking sampling methods with Probability Sampling, where the number of samples that used in this study minimum 159 people. The independent variables is study in this research is the organizational rculture (X), while the tied variable is employee performance (Y). The data collection is done by library research (library research) and field research (field research). The collecting data is analyzed with descriptive percentage analysis and simple linear regression analysis.Descriptive analysis result show that organizational culture at PT. Bio Farma has been running good enough, the employees' performance at PT. Bio Farma has been going well, and the influence of organizational culture to employees' performance in PT. Bio Farma amounted to 59.2% and the rest of 40.8% is explained by other factors outside of the organization's culture.Keywords: Advertising, Brand Awareness, Le Minerale.


Organizational Culture, Performance

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