Pengelolaan Event Kampus oleh Humas Unisba

Andryanti Puspita Dewi, Maman Suherman


Islamic University of Bandung has a section of Public Relations that establish good relations with internal campus and external. In the internal campus, Unisba public relations keep harmony of the relationship by participating with events held in Unisba itself. Humas Unisba perform the management process in organizing the event. So researchers want to know the management of campus events conducted by the Public Relations Unisba. The purpose of this study are to know the stages, find out how the evaluation conducted, find out the reason Unisba PR is involved in the management of official events of Unisba Public Relation on the management of official events at the Islamic University of Bandung. The research method used is qualitative with case study approach. The result of this research is Unisba Public Relation do planning, coordination, implementation, and evaluation of natural management of campus official event.


Public Relations, Management, Event


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