Penggunaan Tatjana Saphira sebagai Testimonial Device Iklan Wardah dalam Menarik Minat Beli

Yuni Trianggita Dewi, Oji Kurniadi


At the beginning of its emergence, Wardah has a Muslim market segment that using "inspiring beauty" theme and the "earth, love, life" for product philosophy. Wardah hopes can inspire Indonesian women to find their own beauty by using the halal and safe products to get their beauty an ability to give a positive impact on the environment. In its development, Wardah used Tatjana Saphira as a Testimonial Device to change the consumer's view of Wardah's cosmetic product that especially impressive for  adult women. With this strategy, Wardah managed to change the market segment, so now Wardah's products are not only used by Muslim women and women , but also used by all type of the segment like non-Muslim  or adolescent. This study aims to explain the importance of use character/advertising model to attract buying interest, especially in using of Tatjana as a testimonial device in wardah advertising. In conducting the research, the researcher used a type of descriptive-quantitative research approach by taking the population of Faculty of Communication Science students from Bandung Islamic University (UNISBA) 2014, where the number of samples used for the study amounted to 78 respondents. The results of this research prove that the use of the character/advertising model in attracting interest is important, where we can see that Tatjana Saphira which has four aspects of VisCap Theory; Visibility, Credibility, Attraction, and Power (Rossiter & Percy, 1997: 293) that can attract the Buying Interest of student from faculty of Communication Science, UNISBA 2014 to Wardah products.


Testimonial Device, Advertising of Wardah, Buying interest


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