Sosialisasi Jabar Tolak Kekerasan pada Anak

Yulian Nuril Afifah, Maman Suherman


Violence cases in West Java increasingly increasing, this is a special attention for the government, especially for the Office of Empowerment of Child Protection and Family Planning West Java which is also the Organization of Regional Devices of West Java Provincial Government. One of the activities that was later declared as an effort in the eradication and prevention of violence in West Java is Jabar Reject Violence. The program is then downgraded throughout to be implemented in each of its activities, specifically for the women's empowerment and family planning protection office, in accordance with its motto of promoting, protecting and serving the rights of women and children, the women's empowerment agency for child protection and family planning and then making themselves As executor in the implementation of Jabar Reject Violence, different things from other regional apparatus that only acts as facilitator. A new program to then be known and embedded in the community then need a socialization activity. With emphasis on the elements of communication such as communicators, communicants, messages, and media socialization activities Jabar Reject Violence will determine how the course of socialization activities either bureaucratic flow or the flow of theory. In this study the authors use the characteristics of the form of group communication and informative communication techniques-persuasive and icing, to know how the communication process that runs in socialization activities Jabar Reject Violence.The research method used in this study is a case study method with respondents consisting of three people, namely Section Head of Prevention of Violence Against Women and Children, Head of Special Protection Section of Children, and Socialization Implementer Jabar Reject Violence. The data collected comes from interviews, observation, and documentation. Based on the results of research indicates that the preparation of plans undertaken by the office of women's empowerment of child protection and family planning in socialization has not been complete using the elements of communication that is on organizing the message and still lack of attention with media communication. However, the form of group communication conducted at the time of the socialization activities was quite good despite the number of participants too much. Although too much in the participants, with the technique of persuasive communication-informative and icing this communicant looks capable of interaction and discussion flexibly.


Socialization, Communication, Violence


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