Aktivitas PR di Komunitas Kartelokal dalam Memasarkan Produk Lokal Bandung

Adinda Putri Islami, mohamad subur drajat


ABSTRACT. Kartelokal is a local Bandung product community, they unite into a structured organization and make activities which are events aimed at introducing local products in Bandung. There is a harmonious relationship between brands and other brands, they compete healthily and synergistically, there are approximately 100 brands incorporated. That is the added value for Bandung local products. With this background, the researcher is interested in finding out more about Public Relations activities in the Kartelokal community, by analyzing public relations activities including managing communication activities and managing management activities through events that have been made and figuring out how to plan, then implement them, and their reasons. The method used is a qualitative research method then through a case study research approach and researchers used the constructivist paradigm in helping to prepare this research. Researchers will collect data by interview, observation, and documentation. The result of this research is that there is a planning stage in carrying out PR activities, namely by determining the target of the activity, determining the socialization media, the third is to collaborate with partnerships and the public. Furthermore, the implementation stage of PR activities through an event, there is a relationship that exists with related stakeholders including the relationship with visitors, with local brands, sponsors, communities, and the media, where the relationship has been fostered before and finally when the implementation is well established. Then there is the reason for Cartelokal using PR activities, namely to expand relations, to build good relations with anyone, and to raise a local brand name.

Keywords: activities PR, Kartelokal, Brand Lokal


aktivitas PR, Kartelokal, Brand Lokal

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