Division of Family Wealth Due to Divorce According by The Act No.1/1974 on Marriage and Compilation of Islamic Law (Study Case by Decision Number: 1617/Pdt.G/2013/PA.JB)

Safarina Miladia W, Husni Syawali


Marriage is a mental bond between a man and a woman as a husband and wife with the intention to form a happy and eternal family (household) believe the one and only god. Therefore marriage is always expected to go on happily and eternally, but in reality divorcement is sometimes unavoidable under certain conditions. Divorce is a legal case that will bring various legal consequences, one of which is related to family wealth. This study discusses the subject on how the division of family wealth in marriage according to The Act No.1 Year 1974 on Marriage and Compilation of Islamic Law and to find out the primary reasons behind the consideration made by Judges of West Jakarta Religious Court in determining the sharing of family wealth where the husband (Plaintiff) gets 1/3 parts and the wife gets 2/3 part based on Religious Court decision Number: 1617/Pdt.G/2013/PA.JB. The study used normative juridical research as the method. The research specification used is analytical descriptive. The research phase used literature research by reviewing Decision Number: 1617/Pdt.G/2013/PA.JB. The data was collected using primary legal material which consists of several rules and secondary legal materials from some books, as well as tertiary legal materials in the form of law dictionaries and articles from the internet. And last the study used qualitative normative analysis as the data analysis. Regarding the arrangement of sharing of family wealth when the husband and wife get divorce, The Act No.1 Year 1974 on Marriage only regulates it in Article 37 stating that if marriage breaks up due to divorce, the family wealth is regulated according to their respective laws. The perspective law stated before means the law of religion, customary law, or the belief of both parties. The emergence of Islamic Law Compilation which is the legal product of Presidential Instruction No.1 of 1991 as the development of The Act No.1 Year 1974 concerning Marriage that explains the wealth in marriage can be seen from Article 85 to Article 97. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the division of family wealth in case of divorce both in Article 37 of Law No.1 Year 1974 on Marriage and in Article 97 Compilation of Islamic Law that each gets half (½) of the part. It should be understood that family wealth is shared between husband and wife. However, if based on the proof of one party between husband and wife proved to be more contribute in collecting family wealth, then it is not fair if in the division of family wealth apply both Article 37 of Law No.1 Year 1974 on Marriage and Article 97 Compilation of Islamic Law.


Marriage, Family Wealth, Islamic Law



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