The Impacts of Aquatic Tourism Park (ATP) on the Economic and Social Activities of the Community in Pemenang District of North Lombok Regency

Cory Cornelia, Ima Amaliah, Aan Julia


The purpose of this study is to determine the positive and negative impacts of ATP activities on economic and social activities in the Gili Village, in Pemenang District of North Lombok Regency. This study used SWOT analysis in policymaking. The sampling technique is in the form of a field survey in the Community involving 10 residents, 2 Public Figures, and 2 offices. The results of this study show that there are no significant changes to people income. However, the impact is only for the Regional Income. Based on the social point of view, many people master foreign languages but most of them are affected by foreign cultures as well.


Park Tourism Aquatic (ATP), Economic Impact, Social Impact


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