The Relationship Of Patient Characteristics To The Occurrence Of BTA (+) In The Laboratory Of Al-Islam Hospital 2015-2017

Erda Raisa Naufal, Yani Triyani, Ismawati Ismawati, Rita Herawati, Edi Gunadi


Tuberculosis (TB) of the breast is a rare disease, but the incidence of the disease is elevated in countries with high incidence rates (TB) such as Indonesia and is often difficult to distinguish from infections and other breast malignancies. The aim of the study was to know the characteristic description with positive smear occurrence of breast biopsy. This research is a descriptive observasional with data collection technique of Total Sampling from medical record data of BTA breast tissue examination period 2015-2017 at Laboratoriumium RS Al-Islam. The total data according to inclusion criteria was 37, from the total of patient data which was examined by BTA network of the most age group at the age of 26.35 years (73%), with East Bandung address 27 (73%,), most localized and systemic clinical symptoms 23 (62%), and most diagnoses were 14 (38%) specific mastitis, of all patients with BTA tissue examination, there was a result of BTA (+) 11 (30%) with age group 26₋35 years 9 (33%) , East bandung address 9 (33%), clinical symptoms of localization 6 (43%), and diagnosis of non-specific abscess 6 (55%).



Tuberculosis, Breast Tuberculosis


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