Description of Stroke Infark Events in Polyclinic Nerve Rsud Al-Ihsan Bandung Period 2016

Muhammad Rafi Wicaksana, Nurdjaman Nurimaba, Eka Nurhayati


Stroke is a focal or global clinical sign disturbance caused by impaired brain function with symptoms that lasted 24 hours or more which can cause death for no apparent reason. In the Caucasian population about 80% is ischemic stroke, 10-15% hemorrhagic stroke or intracerebral hemorrhage, and 5% subarachnoid hemorrhage. The purpose of the study was to see the incidence and description of the characteristics of stroke infarction patients in Polisaraf RSUD Al-Ihsan Bandung period 2016. This study used descriptive method of cross section and subject selection in total population sampling period 2016 taken from medical record. In this study got the incidence of stroke infark as much 67 people. Characteristic feature for sex consisted of 35 women (52,2%) and consisted of 32 men (47,7%), for the mean age range was 51-60 years old consisted of 14 persons (20,8% %), Age range 61-70 consisting of 16 people (23,8%), and> 70 years old consisted of 18 people (26,8%), for clinical symptom that is mostly high blood pressure, numbness, weak limb , Difficulty speaking, talking rero, drooping of the mouth, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision


stroke infarct, characteristics, incidence


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