The Swadaya Magazine Management In Conveying The Message Dakwah On The Donors Dompet Peduli Umat Daarut Tauhid People In The City Of Bandung

Desi Ayu Cahyani, Rodliyah Khuza’i, Parihat Kamil


Swadaya  is one of the magazine is in the city of Bandung especially channels institutions charity DPU DT (Dompet Peduli for Umat Daarut Tauhid) who manage it. Swadaya magazine not undistributed many voterâ s. With the hope that the magazine of non-governmental organizations can provide information and insights impress required by the donors, good around the zakat infaq, charity and fund raising as well as Islamic horizons in general. But the presence of the internet today who almost dominated the entire human activity. However, the internet is not completely shifted the existence of other mass media, both the electronic media such as television and radio or printed media such as magazines, newspapers, tabloid newspaper and etc. Especially the magazine which still get attention in the hearts of its readers. Based on the phenomena and problems in this research is formulated as follows: (1) How magazine planning of  swadaya magazine in conveying the message of dakwah to donors remain DPU DT in the city of Bandung? (2) How organising the swadaya magazine  in conveying the message of dawah to donors remain DPU DT in the city of Bandung? (3) How implementation of/ activity Magazine work of swadaya magazine in conveying the message dakwah to donors remain DPU DT in the city of Bandung? (4) How process/ controlling the Swadaya magazine that are submitted to the donors remain DPU DT in the city of Bandung? Researchers using analysis techniques description method using qualitative approach. The subject is taken is communication media dakwah dompet peduli umat the daarut tauhid is the swadaya magazine. The data collection techniques used in this research is the interview, observation and documentation. Now the data analysis techniques used in this research is a descriptive analysis technical. The results of this research are: (1) In planning the swadaya magazine started with a meeting of the determination of the theme, workmanship, script editing process and the layout, printing and distribution. (2) In organising there team editor in chief, marketing and distribution (3) In the activities of swadaya magazine there are activity editor in chief, editing activity and the layout, activities printing , derived and distribution activity. (4) In controlling/surveillance by the managers of open communication media with the reader to express critism or suggesting and do the questionnaire is incidental.


Management, Magazine, Dakwah Message


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