Analysis Study of the Communication of Transcendental Worship Prayer and Its Meanings from the Perspective of Verbal and Non-Verbal (Semiotics Perspective Study)

vivi yuliani


Transcendental communication in general is communication that occurs between man and God or spiritual communication of religion. The communication is based on religious values. Muslims can do spiritual communication through inner practices, such as prayer, dhikr, and other prayers. Communication of transcendental in worship can be likened to that of the Lord as a recipient of the message (communicant), being the perpetrator acted as the sender of the message (the communicator), source (source) is of the perpetrators or the events experienced, the medium (channel) is prayer or our prayer, (effect) is the peace of mind that we will get or symbols and other signs that a god-send to us. The transcendental form of communication contained in worship is verbally viewed from the perspective of semiotics: to carry out communication with someone important ones must use manners especially with the Almighty to be with ethics an excellent one to interpret the signs were there in the prayer from motion until reading the prayer itself.


Transcendental Communication

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